Easter is around the corner and you can take advantage of this holiday for a family gathering to ask your partner for a hand in marriage. To make your decision a bit easier, we have curated a list of Easter-inspired engagement rings.

Pastel colors are a go-to choice not only around the Easter holidays but throughout the whole spring. You can rarely go wrong with a blush pink ring, especially if you want a colorful ring, but you don’t want to risk your wardrobe for it. Not to mention a simple yet sophisticated design that will make the most indecisive person say, YES!

Lauryn Rose Quartz Ring with Side Moissanite

Lauryn Rose Quartz Ring with side Moissanite
We simply cannot imagine spring without a gorgeous sky blue ring with a romantic filigree band. This vintage-inspired ring is not only for hopeless romantics but also for those that desire a good quality stone like this Swiss blue topaz that will last for a lifetime.
Lorna Vintage Solitaire Ring with Swiss Blue Topaz
Simple engagement rings don’t have to be boring and nothing screams spring more than the color green. For alternative brides that strive for unique settings and unusual colors, this tourmaline is an excellent choice that truly emphasizes their personality.
Paloma Green Tourmaline and Moissanite Ring


There is no need to settle for a classic solitaire ring, especially with all the options at your disposal. Amethysts have long been known to bring tranquility, and they protect their wearer from nightmares. You can now make your mark and step away from traditional settings and get yourself a ring that truly represents you as a person and which brings you what you strive for.

Dora Trillion Amethyst Ring


Dora Trillion Amethyst Ring


If having a little ray of sunshine on your finger is everything, what you have wished for is this golden rutile ideal option for you. Plus you are going to look super on-trend because pear cut rings are growing in popularity due to their elegant shape that makes your fingers longer and more slender.

Eva Queen Pear Golden Rutile Quartz Ring with Moissanite

Of course, that’s not all. We invite you to browse through our wide selection of rings and other jewelry and we guarantee you, you will find something for yourself or your partner. Happy Easter!

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