About Capucinne Blue

Meet Maja, founder of Capucinne Blue

“I am a Gemini, so my life is full of experiences. Since I was a little girl, I was attracted to rocks and gemstones. I would look at my mother’s rings and bracelets and admire the sparkle in every piece she wore. A constant curiosity for more and the need to showcase my creativity eventually lead me to creating Capucinne Fine Jewelry.

With fine jewelry I found my inner space being filled with joy when I am sourcing unique gemstones that will be set in a ring for a specific client. But I always wanted to bring our beautiful pieces closer to a wider audience, so the idea of creating high quality silver and vermeil pieces with semi-precious stones was the perfect decision. And that is how Capucinne Blue was born."

Capucinne Blue is a sister brand to our Capucinne Fine jewelry. And like many sisters, the brand looks up to the bigger one. That is why we wanted to offer our customers our Capucine bestseller designs but in high quality silver and vermeil, hence a more affordable price tag, making our most sought after pieces available to a wider audience. At Capucinne Blue you are free to adorn yourself with our handmade pieces and add an extra sparkle to your everyday.


At Capucinne Blue, we believe jewelry is here to enhance the beauty that is already within you. Just like each of our gemstones used in our signature rings is unique, so is every woman. Merging our love for gemstones with our limitless creativity, we strive to create pieces that will celebrate individuality and special moments in your life.


Finding inspiration in the nature world, it only makes sense to use the best and the prettiest gifts Mother Nature offers us. That is why we use only high quality enduring materials and ethically sourced gemstones. From precious to semiprecious stones like sapphires, moonstone, topaz, and more, all of them are carefully and skillfully set by our expert jewelers with a long and rich jewelry making tradition. Our factories are located in India, the land of color and impeccable craftsmanship among other things. For several years we have been working closely with the locals and seeing how they master their craft in jewelry making. It is our pleasure to be able to bring our designs to life through their skillful hands onto yours.


For all of our jewelry we use sterling silver 925 as our material. Our jewelry is available in rose gold or yellow gold vermeil. If you have never heard of it, allow us to explain. Gold vermeil is not the same as gold plated, it is basically a thicker layer of real gold layered over sterling silver, which serves as the base material. Gold vermeil gives our pieces the long-lasting color as long as the gold used for layering is a minimum of 10k and 1.5 microns. Our pieces are made of 18k vermeil on the basis of sterling silver but can also be made in and are also available in solid gold by request.


The key element in our rings are the show stopping natural gemstones we source around the world. With exceptional cuts, gorgeous colors and, in various shapes, each stone goes through several quality check processes before it is set in vermeil. By selecting which gemstones to include in our rings collection, their symbolic and healing properties are taken in consideration as well. That way, we want to offer more than just beautifully crafted rings - each piece can have a greater meaning for the wearer and can become a thoughtful and meaningful gift for a loved one.


As a brand that gives great importance to how each piece is made, we also care in what conditions our jewelry is crafted. Since we only use authentic natural gemstones, we work closely with the miners of the gemstones and make sure all our partners have all certificates and comply with one of our core value: fair labor. As much as responsibility directly with our production is of great importance, we also feel a responsibility with our community that supports us. That is why we work with various NGOs and support causes that go in line with our values as a brand. Each year we choose an organization that is dear to our heart and give back a percentage of our annual sales to help environmental organizations keep this wonderful planet as it is for the future generations.