Jewelry care guide

Jewelry pieces are delicate designs that need special care and appropriate storage. Be sure to remove and store your jewelry before doing work which involves contact with chemical substances or work that might cause damage to the surface or shape of your piece.
A piece of jewelry can be damaged when performing daily activities or chores like gardening, washing dishes or doing sports. Please be sure to remove any jewelry beforehand and store it in a safe place. This will help prevent any damage and preserve the piece. Exposing jewelry to household liquids, perfumes, extreme temperatures and cosmetics can cause gold to discolour or possibly disintegrate when in contact with the stronger chemicals used in cleaning agents and can severely damage precious stones.
We advise that you avoid wearing jewelry during activities that might expose it to risks of damage. In between wearings, we recommend placing your piece in the original case or another suitable box or pouch, since dust and pollution can dull the brilliance of precious stones as well as the shine of some metals.
No matter your lifestyle and how carefull you are with your jewelry, we would advise to clean it every now and then. With some simple tips, you can preserve the initial look of your jewelry for a long time.
If you decide to clean your jewelry, please use a soft cotton or microfiber cloth and gently buff the jewelry with it. You can also soak the jewelry in lukewarm water using a mild soap, and dry it off with cloth. Never use jewelry cleaner on vermeil and gold plated pieces. However, please note that some gemstones have different practices of cleaning, for instance Opal and Turquoise should NEVER be soaked in water as these are very porous gemstones. For information on how to take proper care for your gemstone jewelry, please contact our experienced craftsmen in customer support at