Last Minute Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Still searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift that screams “I Love You”? Then keep on reading and find out which ring is a perfect fit for your special lady. We’ve rounded up a list of our favorite pieces that you can order last minute.
As we really want to help you out this year so you can deliver the best, we decided to give you a special discount on our jewelry. Don’t miss out our special offer and use the code VALENTIN for 25 % off on everything. 
  • Looking for something that oozes luxury, class and sophistication? Our Monica Pear Amethyst Ring with Petal Marquise Moissanite is the perfect choice if she loves luxurious pieces.
Monica Pear Amethyst Ring with Petal Marquise Moissanite
  • If she loves the color blue, she will definitely love our Khloe Oval London Blue Topaz Ring. Also, Blue Topaz is associated with affection and is often given as a sign of love and as such a perfect Valentine’s Day gift.
Khloe Oval London Blue Topaz Ring
  • For nature and spirituality lovers, our stunning Kamala Moss Agate Ring will be a perfect fit. Inspired by the goddess of wealth and fortune, the Kamala ring is perfect if she is looking to surround herself with symbolic meanings.
Kamala Moss Agate Ring
  • Did you know that wearing Quartz jewelry can bring love into the life of the wearer? It also makes one feel special. This is why our Khloe Oval Golden Rutile Quartz Ring is a perfect ring to show her how much she means to you.
Khloe Oval Golden Rutile Quartz Ring
  • If she is starting a new career, our Siena Pear Garnet Ring is the perfect choice. Due to being such an energizing stone, Garnet is often worn as a lucky charm, especially for career luck.
Siena Pear Garnet Ring
  • Everyone could use a stress reliever these days. Especially if it comes in the form of a beautiful Alice Labradorite Ring. Labradorite jewelry helps reduce stress and anxiety, therefore helping improve the mood of the wearer.
Alice Labradorite Ring
Pick the perfect fit for your loved one and don’t forget to use the code VALENTIN for 25 % off on everything. We wish you a happy Valentine’s Day full of love and special moments with your partner. 

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