Mother's Day Gift guide

All mothers are unique and have their own beauty shining through. If you're looking for a ring to match her unique soul or a necklace to wear close to her heart we got you covered! Check our suggestions below.
A ring that will remind her of the queen that she is? A pear shaped Swiss Blue Topaz topped with a round Moissanite is giving us full on royal vibes and we are loving it. 
Capturing three popular stone cuts into one ring? Not a problem. Our Lauryn ring with oval Garnet as the main stone, a pair of two round moissanite stones on the sides and a marquise one to pull it all together into a cohesive and beautiful one of a kind ring and you will forever be known as the best gifter!
Not for the shy ones, our Audrey ring is a unique statement ring featuring a breathtaking Hexagon London Blue Topaz with Moissanite Halo and a half eternity band. It will most definitely mesmerize you with the sparkles and the unique color of the London Blue Topaz stone - and ideal ring if you are looking for something that demands attention without being too flashy.
Want a more personalized gift for your main queen? Since we are known for unique and colourful gemstones, a gemstone necklace is the best idea.
Our Doris necklace is not your ordinary everyday necklace - with custom cut baguette Oyster Turquoise, a truly unique stone. Each one is special and has the natural turquoise made from real shell of the spiny oyster creating a beautiful and unique pattern. A unique Doris necklace makes a unique gift for your beautiful Momma.
Delicate, yet making a statement - our Adeline Moonstone cluster necklace with different and alternative gemstone cuts features marquise, round and pear shaped moonstone, the stone for new beginnings. Wearing a moonstone necklace not only makes you look good, it makes you feel good too. It is known that the Moonstone has healing properties when it comes to anxiety and emotional balance, and more than that it also enhances intuition and brings success and good fortune both in love and business life. 
Our Doris necklace with custom cut baguette Moss Agate, is the perfect gemstone necklace for all lovers of the nature and hiking, representing the forest and nature with it's mossy look. Moss Agate is also a stone of self healing and abundance, creativity and wealth. Which is one of the many reasons it makes the Doris necklace the perfect gift for the one you love the most, your Mom.
Whether your mom is someone who likes statement pieces or delicate and dainty ones, we have a selection of beautiful and one of a kind jewelry she will definitely love.

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