Time to Treat Yourself

Now that you are all done with Christmas shopping for your loved ones, it’s time to treat yourself. We often worry too much about others that we forget to spoil ourselves too. But you’ve worked hard the whole year, so you deserve to add a little sparkle in 2022!
Here is our list of the perfect ‘just because’ gifts to treat yourself with.
Astrid Black Rutile Quartz Solitaire Ring
Our unique and mesmerising Astrid Black Rutile Quartz Solitaire Ring is perfect for anyone who wishes to stand out from the crowd and express their unique style. Black Rutilated Quartz is said to dissolve negative energy and help you with accepting new challenges in life. Perfect ring for a successful start of the year.
Claire Swiss Blue Topaz Tapered Multi Baguette Ring
There is no better way to add some style to your life than with some art deco rings. Claire Swiss Blue Topaz Tapered Multi Baguette Ring is the perfect choice if you are looking for a beautiful combination of modern and minimalistic but also a sense of sophistication. Blue Topaz is also believed to be a highly beneficial stone if you want to build your confidence. 
Isak Black Rutile Ring
Isak Black Rutile Ring is the perfect fit if you are looking for a ring to treat yourself and bring a smile to your face and positive energy in your life. Black Rutile is popular among business people as it prepares one to new challenges and gives your energy. Combined with Moissanites, a gemstone that brings you good luck, it is a perfect ring for a good start of the year. 
Irene Round Moss Agate with Moissanite Ring
Dainty, yet powerful, the Irene ring with round Moss Agate is one of those rings you put on and it instantly lifts you up and makes you feel good. The Moss Agate gemstone is the stone of harmony and feminine energy and as such, a perfect fit for all women that are looking for some balance in their life. There is just something in this gemstone that makes this ring stand out and look beautiful on any woman. Together with side Moissanites, this is the perfect ring to treat yourself.
Ava Moissanite Cluster Ring
Would you describe yourself as a hopeless romantic? Then our delicate Ava cluster ring filled with Moissanite is perfect for you. Our highest standard Moissanites are the closest thing to real diamonds guaranteeing the sparkles and the overall look of a diamond ring. Moissanite stone is said to be a lucky stone that gives you self-confidence and courage to take action. Perfect fit to chase down your dreams in 2022.
Gail London Blue Topaz Baguette Ring
Looking for a stacking ring that can also be the perfect standalone ring? Then our minimalistic  Gail ring with tapered London Blue Topaz baguettes stacked is the perfect choice. The gorgeous London Blue topaz has a fair bit of mystery and intrigue surrounding it. It is said to be a stone of clarity that helps you find the perfect pathways to successful opportunities and embracing your true self. 
Still thinking if you should or shouldn’t treat yourself this year? The answer is YES, you should! Why? Because you’re worth it. 

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